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Plumbing system for hot and cold sanitary water in Behkish Marina

The Superpipe system with RTS technology is the latest innovation for increasing safety, comfort, and speed of installation of the plumbing system in buildings.

Plumbing system for rainwater and wastewater in Behkish Marina project

In this project, the General Silent Push Fit system by Poliran with the latest Coextrusion technology has been used in a three-layer structure.

Sewage riser and vent piping system in Behkish Marina project

لوله کشی رایزر فاضلاب در پروژه بهکیش مارینا پوش فیت پروتکت پلیران می باشد.

Wall posts, Galvanized Bed Bars, and Threshold Shoes

Most of the earthquakes in the world occur on strips called seismic belts.

Concrete pouring up to the end of the fifteenth floor

In this project, 25024 cubic meters of concrete have been poured so far.

Reconstruction of Molavi School

Behkish Arvand Company has taken action to reconstruct the 18-class Molavi School.

Implementation of electrical shock protection and lightning protection system

Behkish Arvand Kish has seriously pursued this issue through one of the owners of engineering technology for sophisticated systems, for the beautiful Behkish Marina Tower on Kish Island.

Execution of Brick and Plaster in Behkish Marina Residential Tower

In this project, three-sided closed Likka blocks were used for brickwork, which have prominent features such as low weight, high speed of action, excellent sound, heat, and moisture insulation, fire resistance, and a uniform surface suitable for plastering.

Planning and Project Control Report for Behkish Marina Residential Tower

According to the reports presented by the Planning and Project Control Office for the Behkish Marina Residential Tower, the project progress has been estimated at 18.73% as of 8/23/2022.

Launching the Counter of Behkish Marina Residential Tower at the Airport

This counter is equipped with a 1: 75 scale model of Behkish Marina Residential Tower with dynamic lighting capability

Launching the Telegram News Channel and Aparat Educational Channel

To better communicate with investors, customers, engineers, and audiences, we have launched the Behkish Telegram channel and Aparat page.

Behkish Marina Project: It was equipped with two twin workshop elevators

It was equipped with two twin workshop elevators.Workshop elevators provide safe and fast transportation to different floors, reducing important wasted hours

Smart Model of Kish

The first smart model with separate control of lighting systems in each unit and common areas has been constructed on Kish Island

Behkish market opening party

The opening ceremony of Behkish Bazaar was held on 3/23/2017 at the Behkish Bazaar with the presence of fellow citizens.