Reconstruction of Molavi School
Reconstruction of Molavi School

Behkish Arvand Company has taken action to reconstruct the 18-class Molavi School. In line with social responsibilities and in coordination with the esteemed Deputy of Civil and Substructure Affairs  of Kish Free Zone Organization, from 7/19/2022 to 8/17/2022 , the reconstruction of the 18-class Molavi School located in Mirmehna area, Kaj Street, was carried out by Behkish Arvand Kish Company at a cost of over 8 billion Rials and delivered to the relevant officials on the specified date.
1. General repair and reconstruction
2. Painting all classrooms, outdoor area, surrounding walls, and entrance hall
3. Replacement and repair of windows
4. Replacement of cabinets
5. Replacement of toilet tiles and ceramics
6. Replacement of toilet doors
7. Installation of two cold water dispensers