History & Introduction

Sorbonne Kish Company was established in 2011 with the participation of several construction and building professionals on Kish Island, who had previously worked individually in this field. The company was founded to expand the quantity and quality of projects, benefit from shared experiences, increase financial and intellectual capital, and enhance the coherence of the group. In the first phase, the feasibility of the commercial and service project in Behkish was evaluated, and after necessary investigations, the land for the project was purchased and preparations were made to obtain required licenses in 2012. This market was opened in 2016 and started its work by collecting well-known global brands. Currently, it has become one of the most beautiful markets on the island in terms of high-quality construction. Some of the advantages of this project are its suitable geographical location, the history and reputation of Behkish market among traders and Kish residents, a very modern and practical design for the new market, and considering all necessary facilities to provide a desirable and suitable environment for traders and customers.

Also, at the beginning of 2017, this group purchased a 19-story residential tower in the city center, which is now known as Behkish Residential Tower and is being sold and transferred to buyers. Behkish Residential Tower is located in an excellent geographical position in the center of the city with chic and high-quality materials, along with a beautiful view of the island and Persian Gulf. This tower has facilities such as a billiard room, children's playroom, parking, etc.



Continuing its construction and building activities, this company established a new group called Behkish Arvand Kish Company and purchased land in the Marjan coastal strip area. By establishing a complex of VC203 and NVC-2 with a size of 12,000 square meters, a residential tower with 21 floors on a total area of 60000 square meters is under construction. This tower includes facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, bowling alley, billiard room, two separate sports halls for men and women, massage room, tennis courts, bicycle riding area, etc., in 220 residential units overlooking the sea with special facilities such as spacious balconies overlooking the sea, using high-quality and top-grade materials with unique design in one of the best coastal areas of Kish facing Marina Hotel in Marjan coastal area.
Also, considering its long-term plan, this company is in final negotiations to purchase a five-star hotel on the beach. More information about Behkish five-star hotel will be provided to our dear supporters in the near future.