Goals & Missions
Goals & Missions

Sorbonne Kish Company, as a specialized investment and construction company, has set its active vision in the field of building special projects with intelligent, modern, and high-rise structures for residential, commercial, service, and administrative purposes that can compete with major regional and neighboring companies. In this regard, the company has set short-term goals for itself, which we will briefly mention.
• Creating a reputable brand (Behkish) by designing, constructing, and executing special and high-quality projects using modern materials for residential, commercial, service, and administrative purposes, being at the forefront in this field, and becoming one of the largest companies and brands in the construction industry of the country.
• Attracting skilled personnel along with upgrading and disseminating organizational knowledge through targeted training and designing and implementing efficient customer satisfaction measurement systems.
• Creating a suitable platform for greater participation of skilled and committed personnel in the scene of the country's economic development.
• Preserving and maintaining resources and facilities and creating job opportunities in the field of urbanization and development of the country.

• Employing new and innovative methods in executive affairs, construction and development projects.
• Effective presence in international arenas through consortia and foreign partnerships.
• Developing the company's share in promoting human welfare and preserving the environment.