Behkish Marina Tower

Due to the location of the lands in the residential strip on the east side of Kish Island and its unique position, as well as the issuance of permits for high-rise towers, this area will become the most luxurious area of Kish in the near future. It is a quiet and peaceful area next to the coasts of Khalij Fars Bay. Behkish Arvand Kish Company has purchased a piece of land with an area of 12000 square meters (NVC-2) and with a special and unique design and facilities for the purpose of building one of the most luxurious and chic projects in Kish, has started constructing a residential tower with 21 floors and 221 residential units in an area of 55000 square meters. All units of this project have spacious balconies and overlook the most beautiful eastern beaches of the Persian Gulf.
    Specifications of the tower structure:
The Behkish Marina Tower structure has been designed based on the latest design regulations and the latest edition of the Iranian National Building Regulations, as well as the most reliable international regulations, including the American Concrete Institute (ACI) 318-19 design code. This structure has been designed to be earthquake-resistant, and to withstand earthquake forces, special flexural-resistant frames and shear walls have been embedded in the structure's load-bearing system according to standard regulations 2800 (fourth edition). The roof system is a two-way reinforced concrete slab with a load-bearing capacity, which is executed using modern Kubiax technology. Some of the advantages of this technology are:
- Reducing the dead load of the building
- Reducing the effects of earthquake forces on the building
- Increasing the useful space of units
- Ability to implement high openings without the need for columns
- Thinner ceiling thickness
- Creating an open architectural space and flexibility in the plan
- Sound and thermal insulation of ceilings
- Resistant and suitable performance in case of fire
Kobiax technology has been in use for over a quarter of a century worldwide, especially in the European Union, America, Oceania, East Asia, and the Middle East. It currently has official approvals from reputable authorities in the European Union and the United States and complies fully with reputable global design regulations such as EUROCODE, DIN, and ACI. It is also compliant with the regulations of Iran's National Building Regulations and has technical approval from the Building and Housing Research Center (BHRC). Additionally, this technology is well known for being environmentally friendly and was awarded first place in green technology in Switzerland in 2010.
In addition to the unique design and special location and view of the project, special welfare facilities have been considered for the comfort of residents, including:
- Wide and luxurious entrance
- Two diesel generators for emergency power with a capacity of KVA400 each
- Water tanks and piping for cooling systems for flushing tanks and green spaces
- Use of AIR FRESHER system for all units using the latest technology

    Mechanical facilities:
- Pliran fit protect pipes for wastewater
- 5-layer or polypropylene cold and hot water pipes
- Fire alarm and extinguishing network
    Electrical facilities:
- Intelligent management system (BMS)
- Grade one internal or equivalent foreign electrical equipment.
-Fire alarm system
-Central antenna and internet network
-Landscape lighting and common areas
-Interior architecture
-First-class sanitary ware and fittings
-First-class ceramic and tile from reputable foreign or Iranian brands
-Hidden or Shoumenz windows
-Doors made of wood or MDF with high-quality fittings
-Plasterboard ceiling with lighting
-Acrylic interior paint
-Shower cabin + wall-mounted toilet
-Stone or ceramic flooring in the living room
-Kitchen cabinets with gas stove and hood
    Common facilities:
-Spacious lobby with an approximate area of 900 square meters and a grand entrance lobby
-Bowling alley
-Swimming pool
-Dry and steam sauna, Jacuzzi, children's pool
-Massage room
-Salt bath room
-Separate gym for men and women
-Children's playroom
-Subsidized game room
-Billiard room
-Ping pong room
- Café
-Meeting room
-Cinema hall
-Art and educational workshop
-Library cafe (bookstore)
6-High-speed elevator from reputable brands
-Tennis court
-Bicycle path
-Sports fields and children's playgrounds
-Garbage chute
-Emergency power for common areas and two diesel generators with a capacity of KVA455 each
-Desirable garden and green space
-Beautiful fountain and landscape lighting.