Behkish Market

In order to optimize energy consumption in Behkish Market, Sorbon Kish Company has formed an energy management team consisting of consulting and contracting companies and using the latest knowledge in the world of construction and operation of commercial buildings. The team has identified influential factors and considered necessary measures in design and implementation according to the national building regulations. Technical and computational records and software modeling are all available in the company.
In the architectural design, the requirements of section 19 of the national building regulations for energy optimization have been fully observed by the consulting company Art and implemented by Sorbon Kish Company. Behkish Market project was put into operation in 2017. The market area was 3.475 square meters and it was built in a basement floor of 14000 square meters by this company's investment.
Project specifications:
-Concrete structure
-Grade one ceramic wall with beautiful design for corridors
-Plaster walls and false ceiling for booths
-Automatic entrance door for the complex
-Central cooling facilities for public spaces and booths with LG brand
-Strong pressure polyca or bush fit pipes for drainage, valves, and ventilation
-BMS intelligent system for reducing electricity consumption
-Emergency power for common area lighting
-WI-FI space and high-speed internet throughout the building
- Three 8-person GYG elevators
-Six GYG brand elevators